Luke Pontin Headshot

I'm Luke A. Pontin — a Product Designer passionate about solving user problems in a way that drives value for businesses.

I have 8+ years experience working with startups, SMEs and corporations in automotive, education, health, sport, retail and sustainability.

I'm currently working for Arrival, an electric vehicle manufacturer and software company that is helping cities move to zero-emission mobility solutions.

From 2018 to 2020 I worked for Provenance, an early stage B2B2C SaaS startup that helps brands build trust with shoppers by communicating the environmental and social impact of their products. I joined as the sole designer and was responsible for designing the web app for SMEs and large corporations. This resulted in winning 2 new enterprise customers and a 8% increase in MRR from the previous year.

I previously spent 3.5 years at Leicester based agency Bulb Studios. There I worked closely with R&D teams at Jaguar Land Rover to design, build and test proof of concept/production ready apps (Go I-Pace) for their EV models and Self-learning car technologies. Other notable projects were EO Detective, an educational game for kids (KS2) and Healthia, a health and fitness iOS app focusing on employee wellbeing.

I'm a firm believer in using design, tech and collaboration to create a better world for people and planet. As such, I'm most interested in products and services that are in the sustainability, education, health and wellbeing spaces.