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Case Study

Helping grassroot soccer clubs can run like the pro’s through expert resources and player development tools.


Go Coach It Ltd was a side project I set up in 2016 with an old colleague. At the time our goal was simple, we wanted to help grassroot soccer coaches run better training sessions and ultimately become better coaches. To do this we created a landing page and blog that published articles from our contributors which consisted of professional coaches from around the world.
In a little over 8 months we grew our twitter following to around 7,000 followers and saw 2,500 unique visitors engage with our blog content month on month. Unfortunately life and our day jobs got in the way so we paused the project.
That was until spring 2020 when lockdown was in full swing. With this new-found free time I decided to reach out to a few of our original stakeholders and others in my network to develop a new value proposition. The following is a summary of that process and a high-fidelity prototype solution.

Problem framing

To kick off the project I started with a problem statement:
Grassroot soccer clubs don't have the expertise and resources they need to develop the club. Club stakeholders are stretched and focus on short term goals so no long term planning is done to develop the club, on and off the field. As a result, tensions grow with coaching staff, development is stifled and in some cases staff and/or players leave, causing more angst among Chairmans and Directors. How might we arm club stakeholders with frameworks, resources and player development tools that help grassroots clubs run more like professional clubs.
Using insights from 2016 and my knowledge in this space, I developed 3 personas that represented key target customers and used the value proposition canvas to map user needs against solution ideas.
Go Coach It
Persona 1, Smig - Ambitious newcomer

Go Coach It
Persona 2, Bowesy - No-nonsense local lad

Go Coach It
Persona 3, Mick - Respected old-timer

Go Coach It
Value proposition canvas

πŸ– πŸ”’... The rest of this case study is private, please contact me if you would like to read the full case study.